Is true love out there? 


When I think about that huge L word, things like hearts and happiness come to mind.  Love is something that cannot be measured or caged. It is something that comes from within.  When we are born we love unconditionally. Yet as we grow and learn to love others, it seems so easy for that wonderful feeling to just go away. It could be from being hurt in a relationship or friendship. It could be a  betrayal from someone very close to you or even from an aquaintance.  When you give your heart to someone you do so with the thought that they will know and understand and give that love back to you. It doesn’t always work out that way though.  Once your heart is broken you tell yourself never again! But then after some time subsides you open your heart for the possibility of love once more. After being hurt too many times it is so hard to believe in that feeling. Like are you only given one chance at true love?  Then you overthink things and try to reply past relationships. Meaning, should I have not given up?  Should I have tried harder?  But what if the other person didn’t really show you they felt that way but still wanted to hang onto you?  For what reason?

If you truly know you do not love someone then move on. Love isn’t something that happens overnight for either side. But you can usually tell that you are smitten with someone after even a few months.  I’m still hopeful that there is real love out there.  And I am sure it will happen when least expected.  


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