Loyalty- where has it gone?

Where are the days of loyalty? Have they disappeared? I feel they have. You put a lot of time and energy into someone and then POOF! There they go. It is not easy to just forget all about them. After all you thought you had a good thing going. Then comes the sneaking and lying. Like my mother says, it always catches up to you and you never know who is watching. The part of the betrayal that gets me the most is when the other party thinks your not smart enough to catch on. So you do your thing, live your life and just don’t make yourself so available. You really owe this person no explanation. After all they did not show enough care when they were betraying you right? 

It is not so easy to learn to trust someone  again after you lose their loyalty. After all you opened your heart to them and they could care less. I am the type of person who does try to maintain a friendship/relationship to the best of my ability. But after feeling like you are a 3rd wheel it is simply time to move on and walk away. No more. No waiting. No trying harder. Just done. And maybe one day they will learn not to do that to someone else. Because it is not a fun feeling in any way, shape or form.


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