People makes mistakes, mess up, make the wrong choices sometimes. But this does not and should not define a person.  I am not saying that every mistake is forgivable, but we are human and nobody is perfect.

I myself have made some mistakes which is normal. It’s life! But when the shoe is on the other foot it’s not so easy to deal with

I always felt like I took responsibility with my actions in life but now I am not so sure

A breakup can really change your way of thinking  and make you question yourself. I have come to realize some pretty interesting things about myself. Such as I thought I was a really nice, giving person. Well apparently I need some work in those areas and also looking at a person and not being so judgmental. I don’t think I judge everyone but even one person is too many. After a breakup you really need YOU time.  Time to look back and reflect on what went wrong and also what went right.  I am not going to obsess over this relationship but I already know things I will never accept again in the future and also recognize what my worth is. And it is not worth my time to spend with someone who truly doesn’t appreciate my presence. 

I know I wasn’t innocent but I am not a bad person. Even if he doesn’t forgive me for my mistake well I will forgive him for his neglect and move on to bigger and better things. I will not hold resentment in my heart. I want to be happy and not worry about negative things as much. One day someone will walk i to my life that I wasn’t even expecting. 

Thank you for reading 😉 


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